Chutzpah. Brass neck. General cockiness.

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When John was 12 years old, his French teacher arranged a student exchange programme with a school in Givors, a commune near Lyon, France. He enjoyed geography, so naturally this experience propelled his interest in travel to other countries.

By the time John started working in London, he realized that if he wanted to accomplish his goals in life, he would need to figure out a way to leave Southend-on-Sea. This town was not going to give him the lifestyle and rewards that he truly longed for, and so the career move to Geneva, Switzerland, became an ideal way to begin his journey.  After a few years in Switzerland, his hopes came to fruition. John was finally able to escape the traditional British class distinction between working and upper class (old school tie).

The knowledge John obtained working in Switzerland gave him self-confidence and the business Moxie. From there, he never looked back. He has had a very good life, travelled the world and raised a great family.

Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 1939815355
ISBN: 9781939815354
List Price: $39.50
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