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The Piper’s Story
Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
Publication Year: 2013
ASIN: 1939815002
ISBN: 1939815002

The Piper's Story is most compelling in its treatment of good and evil. For Bergin, hope is clearly a virtue, and her bold convictions about the banality of evil and the triumph of good are a balm to the world-weary soul.

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About the Book

The Piper’s Story is a captivating page-turner that is sure to draw in all sorts of readers. Bergin’s command of the three stated themes – war, music, and the supernatural – is considerable, and those who are interested in any of these subjects will find much to ponder; however, the book has much more to offer. To a certain degree, this is a novel of place, and Bergin writes beautifully about the Pacific Northwestern setting in which the action occurs. Another strength of the novel is its fast narrative pace. From the outset, the book is driven by action, and the plot builds in intensity to a thrilling climax. The dynamics of family are also an important theme in the work, and the interactions of the characters are decidedly realistic, sometimes painfully so.

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