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Adam Kareus
Decided: Living a Big Life for Christ

Decided: Living a Big Life for Christ


Through many years of pastoral ministry, Adam Kareus kept seeing a common theme. People struggle to live with purpose, and they rarely think deeply about the actions and thoughts of their lives. It is from this dilemma that Decided was born.
Drifting and wondering are words that all too often describe our lives. But we were made for more than aimless shambling—we were made to live with purpose and intent. Part of Christian maturity is coming to realize our lives need to be intentional in all we do. But this can be hard. It is easy to go with the flow. It is easy to walk aimlessly. It is easy to act without thought and speak without thinking. The cure for this difficulty is to know God created us to find purpose in all of life.
Within this book, you will find short, easy-to-read chapters that help you live with intentionality in all you do. If you have ever stumbled through life with little direction or ever felt you were just drifting through life, this book can help.

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