A Changed Mindset

A Changed Mindset

"A Changed Mindset" was written in the hope that followers of Jesus Christ and others will become more aware of the importance of a changed mindset, which follows the transformation process.

This process empowers the bride of Christ to have a more intimate conversation with God. Jesus came to transform the mindset of the 21st century virgins to establish a personal, intimate relationship with them and His followers as His bride.

Thinking like Jesus fosters a change in the 21st century virgin's mindset as a bride of Christ living life with purpose. This type of thinking empowers followers to see themselves as the beloved bride of Christ and no longer as virgins, knowing that their purpose has set them apart from others. The mindset of the 21st century virgin often gets stuck at the altar of salvation. They find it very challenging to transform and be changed into a new creature in Christ Jesus. But after leaving the alter of salvation, they can share the same thought process as Jesus, and the kingdom of God and its righteousness is theirs.

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About the Book

About the Author


Dr. Althea Phillips is a native New Yorker, a mother of eight, and a grandmother of 10. Her academic studies to date include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Liberty University, a certificate of Legal Nurse Consultant from Kaplan University, a Master of Science in Nursing from Walden University, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Walden University. In her writing, she shares personal stories and turns to the Word of God for lessons and examples. She encourages readers in the midst of division in our country and assures them that there is hope for a better future when we have A Changed Mindset.

“No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you.”—Althea Gibson

Genre: Christian Living
Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
Publication Year: 2022
ASIN: 1684880173
ISBN: 9781684880171
List Price: 15.99
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