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Essays on Fatherhood

Anecdotes of a Father's Journey toward Wisdom

Written by a practicing pediatrician, Essays on Fatherhood is an insight into author James Sherman's experiences and lessons learned over many years of parenting eight children. With a 40-year perspective, it reflects on early decisions made and directions taken, with the realization that a different decision might have been made, if only James had known. It is sometimes amusing, sometimes sad, sometimes confounding, sometimes trivial, and sometimes profound. And overarching all else, there is a clear message that while parenting is the most difficult job of all, it is the most rewarding!

Readers will have the opportunity to share in James's parenting journey, and they can also learn wisdom for their own parenting decisions. Readers who have struggles with their children's choices, with the emotional upheaval of adolescence, or with the uncertainty of how to protect their children while allowing them to gain independence can find comfort in the common journey of a father and pediatrician who has shared those experiences.

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Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
Publication Year: 2020
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ISBN: 9781735221724
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