Hard Work and the American Dream

Hard Work and the American Dream

Never negotiate the price of your success. Give it all you have, believing in God and your God-given abilities.

In this book, Leo Jesudian shares his unique story of being raised as an ordinary boy born in India to a middle-class military family. With God's help, this young boy had the guts to believe in his dream, chasing it with a vengeance by emigrating to America. By God's grace, he learned to believe that all things are possible. For Leo, this was not just a warm, fuzzy statement; it was a spiritual fact. Leo hopes that this book will be an inspiration to all who are sitting on the fence, doubting whether they can give up a compromised life and accomplish their dream.

If you love true-life stories, you will love this book. Leo weaves a compelling story that is entertaining, uplifting, gripping, sometimes seemingly hopeless, yet miraculous.

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About the Book

About the Author

Leo Jesudian is an American who emigrated from India at the tender age of 20. He did not emigrate to further his education or get a job—he emigrated to become an American! Leo was born in a faith-based family deeply rooted in God. He triple-majored in three science subjects but created all his assets in the arts and business. He loves music of every genre and is a true entrepreneur and consummate businessman. Leo has lived with his wife, Tiffany, for 35 wonderful years in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. He has one daughter, Courtney; a son-in-law, Glenn Troy; twin grandsons, Theo and Henry; and a step-grandson, Declan.

Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
Publication Year: 2021
ASIN: 1953300405
ISBN: 9781953300409
List Price: 15.99
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