Jesus in My Life

Jesus in My Life

Living in confusion. This was my world many years ago. I kept on asking myself so many questions. What is life? What should I do? After going through different events, the real meaning of life became clear in a very simple way.

After reading this book, you will...

stop worrying.

stop asking existential questions.

stop the dead-ends.

stop negativity.

stop shame.

Go ahead and read this book. It will guide you toward a better understanding of your own life. How can this be? There is only one answer. That answer has always been in you.

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About the Book

About the Author

Sylvie Sauvé writes about having faith in Jesus. Her quest to find Truth led her to work, study, and research in many different fields. Thanks to God’s mercy, the Bible became comprehensible. While studying theology, she was involved in teaching programs for the Church and also wrote articles. Explaining the Gospel that is easy to understand is a goal she sets in all her projects. Her publications are written with care and compassion.

Sylvie completed a Bachelor of Arts in French Studies, (Translation: English, French) with distinction and has a Certificate in Arts and Science from Concordia University in Montreal.

Genre: Christian Living
Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
Publication Year: 2023
ASIN: 1684880718
ISBN: 9781684880713
List Price: 14.99
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