Lordship Matters

Lordship Matters

His Name. His Nature. Our Need.

Once I say the sinner’s prayer, I’m pretty much set as far as salvation, right?

Not so fast. What if I told you that much of what you think you know about “getting saved” falls far short of what God really intended for us as believers?

You might be surprised to learn that the quality of life you experience as a Christian has a lot to do with your understanding of salvation. Not only that, but the fullness of what God desires for you could, in fact, be hindered by being unaware of the powerful insights shared in this book. As you read this book, you will begin to see in a different light:

• The ongoing daily power of salvation’s confession.
• The purpose of the names of the Lord in releasing wholeness in your life.
• The conflicting kingdoms that are a result of your constant confession.
• The problem with interpreting scripture apart from the lordship of Jesus Christ.
• The role the enemy plays in response to our confessed heart beliefs.

Lordship Matters will lead you into understanding the three simple, eternal truths that operate to empower both the kingdom of light and life, as well as the kingdom of death and darkness.

Given a choice, none of us would choose anything other than God’s highest and best for us through the gift of salvation. Lordship Matters will help you grow in grace as you effectively work out your salvation in reverence and worship to the Lord Jesus Christ!

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About the Book

About The Author

James Wheeler is a seasoned communicator who speaks and writes from his God breathed shape as a deep thinker and dot connector. He has a Masters degree from the ORU school of theology and missions and has over 25 years pastoral leadership experience in the local church.

While thinking deeply and searching for dots to connect he enjoys traveling the world as a missionary big band trombonist and pursuing foodie quests and family outings with two of his highest priories in life; his wife Christine of 27 years and their beautiful miracle daughter Allegra.


Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781939815934
List Price: 12.99
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