Mademoiselle Meringue Bayou Baby

Mademoiselle Meringue Bayou Baby
Series: Mademoiselle Meringue, Book 2
Genre: Childrens
Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: 1939815088
ISBN: 1939815088

Entertaining, fun, and educational, Mademoiselle Meringue Bayou Baby is a view of the world from a growing kitten’s eyes, but the insights she acquires are wonderfully human.

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About the Book

A fluffy kitten is born into the Cajun world of the Louisiana bayou. As she grows up with her two brothers File and Bourg, they experience their heritage in their many adventures. Their friend Jacques Uar accompanies them as they romp through the bayou, experience the joys of Thanksgiving Cajun style, receive presents from Papa Noel at Christmas, and celebrate Mardi Gras in the bayou. Some of their adventures take them to a Hoodoo queen, scare them with the “cocodries” and make them fight for their blackberry patch.

Using authentic background, history, and vocabulary of the Cajun area of southern Louisiana, the book gives the reader a sense of being in that area and knowing the tradition as a participant. The Cajun vocabulary is defined after each word used, and a glossary is available for reference.

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