Sons of Thunder

Sons of Thunder

Belly Aching... Knee Slapping... Soul Tickling...

Cartoons aren't just for Kids! Sons of thunder gives you a moment to just sit back and smile at life.

A sarcastic cat that hates dogs and loves to mock the family he lives with. Feel free to join him in his disdain for dogs but beware that mocking the family in his presence is strictly forbidden.

Two brothers close in age but opposite in personality. Their innocent perspectives on life are comical, and the clashes they have with each other are to be expected. However, don't say anything negative about one of the brothers in the presence of the other.

The parents who, in addition to raising two young boys, must deal with the dynamics of the wife trying to help the husband become a better man, and the husband giving her a lot of reasons to do so.

A pastor with a sense of humor who could write many sermons based on his encounters with the family. And to top it off, we have a Bavarian police officer in an American cartoon. Go figure!

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About the Book

About the Author


Stephen Paul Grow was born in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, when his family lived in nearby Dewart. His father was employed by the railroad, and his job opportunities caused the family to move a lot. From Dewart, the family moved to Clymer, New York, then to Milton, Pennsylvania, and finally to Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania, where Stephen graduated from Oswayo Valley High School. He met his wife Mary while attending Mansfield University in Pennsylvania.

They have two sons, Zachary and David, and live in York, Pennsylvania. Stephen has been illustrating and writing cartoons since the age of thirteen.


Publisher: Clay Bridges
Publication Year: 2023
ASIN: 1684880556
ISBN: 9781684880553
List Price: 14.99
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