The Old Man and the Little One

The Old Man and the Little One

Whether hiking a Colorado trail or walking the streets of a major city, we are all making choices regarding the path of life we are on. We each need, want, and desire a close friend - a faithful confidant, someone we look up to and see eye to eye with. Communication leads to fellowship, which leads to relationship, which leads to trust, which leads to trusting the Person of Truth.

Consider God speaking in these three distinctly different ways: Spirit to spirit, that still small voice inside our being that our souls tend to question; person to person, being made in the image and likeness of our Creator with the ability to communicate the wisdom of God to those around us; through circumstances, whether good or bad, that affect our five senses and draw us to our heavenly Father. Hopefully, you already have an "old man" in your life who is helping you through the places you are going with the wisdom they gained from having been there before you.

If you are walking alone, let the old man in the book be the pattern for someone God will send you in the future. That person doesn't take the place of God, but they help us see the goodness of God eye to eye.

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About the Book

About the Author

Leon Biehler is a regular, salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Shelley, for 42 years and has two sons, one daughter, and seven wonderful grandchildren, all the type of people you want to know and live next door to. Leon is often the steward of other peoples assets, from working in the oilfields, to building houses, to managing the manufacturing side of a business, to farming. But the most important thing about Leon is that he is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. His eternal identity eclipses any and all earthly titles and identities.

Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
Publication Year: 2022
ASIN: 1684880181
ISBN: 9781684880188
List Price: 21.99
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