The Seventh Elf

The Seventh Elf

An enormous forest fire scatters an elf family. Orion, the youngest, searches for many years, all the while avoiding human contact out of fear. Eventually though, she finds an elderly human couple she can trust with her story. Together they begin the quest to find her lost siblings. Adventures abound, discoveries are made, and relationships forged. Together, they and the reader find numerous heartwarming surprises.

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About the Book

About the Author

Robb Shultz, resident of Tomball, TX, is an award-winning author ( who only recently began his writing career. In this, his second book, Robb has woven together the elements of child-like wonder with mystery, adventure, danger and the joy of loving relationships. As a child, Robb was paralyzed with polio but experienced a miraculous recovery. Through the years, he came to appreciate the wonder of God’s creation and relationships with family and friends. He also knows too well the sense of loss of some of those same special people in his life. Over the past few decades he has chosen to treat every experience he has as an adventure from which to learn and which will help him to become the man God desires him to be. With this rich and varied background, Robb has generated this story, “The 7th Elf”, to mirror the adventures, restorations, loving relationships, and discoveries we all deserve to experience.

Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781939815170
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