Tub Teaching for Tots

Tub Teaching for Tots

While having fun in the tub these simple and inexpensive experiences are created with things found in your home, and serve as not only building blocks for later learning, but are fun. They provide a unique experience, which allows the child and the grown-up a platform for sharing ideas both educational and personal when applied to the experiences they have shared together. Mastery of the concepts is not expected, but as the fun continues with repeated and new “lessons” the ideas will form in the reservoir of the child’s knowledge

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About the Book

About the Author

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Ms. Harkrider is now a resident of Houston, Texas, with her husband. She has taught in three states in both public and private schools in Spanish and English. She has created programs for several schools in Elementary School Spanish, and created a ten week program for Carolina’s Medical in Spanish which she taught for eight years at night. She has taught AP Writing and Composition, and Honors English as well as being on committees for the creation of the IB program in her school. She later worked for Lonestar Community College in the communications and student services departments. A lover of the performing arts, she has appeared on stage in professional theater in Charlotte, NC and was the Kid’s Club Host for the PBS station there. Her acting was expressed in television commercials, as she was principal in forty local, regional and national commercials. Her two grown children are married and she has five grandchildren.

Genre: Childrens
Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: B00O2A099G
ISBN: 9781939815101
List Price: 7.99
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