How far will we go for the sake of convenience?

After a tragic accident, Levi and his family move to his boyhood hometown for a fresh start. But starting over is more complicated than he expected. Levi soon faces challenges that threaten to turn his deepest core values upside-down. As he works to rebuild his life, he's forced into a fight for the lives of those closest to him in the face of an unrelenting shift in society's moral compass .

Convenience opens our eyes to the real cost of the decisions we make. The more our modern world values efficiency, ease, and transactional relationships, the more we are prone to lose sight of our worth as human beings made in God's image. Hi-tech advancements, such as robotics, AI, and the ability to 3D print almost any object right before our eyes, make life more convenient. Yet, we're prone to miss what else is happening right before our eyes: the devaluing and redefinition of life itself. If this shift continues, whose lives will be deemed inconvenient next?

Convenience is as much a wake-up call as it is a deeply moving story about a family navigating crises in an increasingly complicated world.

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About the Book

About the Author

The author was born in a small town in the Northwestern United States. He and his family have traveled the world and lived in Asia, Scandinavia, the Middle East, and various parts of the United States. He earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in adult education. The author and his wife have served their country in the military and other venues for over forty years. Everywhere they lived, they worked in churches and helped with Christian projects, and they were blessed to meet many fascinating and wonderful people. They have four amazing children and eight equally amazing grandchildren. The author lives in Virginia with his wife and their youngest daughter where they enjoy access to the foundational history and heritage of America and the beautiful seasons God paints on the hills and valleys and shores.

Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
Publication Year: 2023
ASIN: 1684880734
ISBN: 9781684880737
List Price: 18.99
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