Faith in Radiant Color

Faith in Radiant Color

Do you feel like God is inaccessible and never listens to you?

Do you question everything your eyes cannot see and your mind cannot process?

If this is you, then take a journey with William Heimbaugh and discover how God worked through one of His servants to enable spiritual transformation. This book chronicles "God moments" that occurred in the life of Tina Heimbaugh. Most of these events cannot be explained other than through divine intervention. God chose to communicate with Tina using rainbows and other visible markers.

William was blessed to have a front-row seat to the signs and wonders that happened almost daily for 14 years. Not only did this extraordinary transformation sharpen Tina's spiritual acuity, but God also used the experience to "tune" William to His frequency.

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About the Book

About the Author


William (“Bill”) Heimbaugh is a husband, father, papa, mentor, and devoted follower of Jesus Christ. He is an ordained deacon in a Baptist Church and a trained Stephen Minister. He lives in the Waco, Texas, area and enjoys outdoor activities, traveling, and watching hockey. Bill is semi-retired but still supports an engineering company he helped start in 2004. His career in the energy industry includes leadership positions in engineering, business development, and management. He has written three technical papers during his professional career, as well as numerous newsletter blogs, press releases, website material, and training manuals. On a personal level, Bill has written several poems for commemorative family events.


Genre: Christian Living
Publisher: Clay Bridges Press
Publication Year: 2021
ASIN: 1953300774
ISBN: 9781953300775
List Price: 14.99
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