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When Family Hurts

30 Days to Finding Healing and Clarity

The people you call family constitute the most impactful-and all too often the most painful-relationships in your life.
What happens when those cherished relationships become broken?
The emotional carnage caused by heartbreak and trauma from lies or abuse, misunderstandings, or lack of acceptance can leave you reeling and unsure what to do next. If you find yourself searching for answers, aching from the sting of being hurt by a loved one, or perplexed because you need something to help ease your suffering. When Family Hurts: 30 Days to Finding Healing and Clarity was designed with you in mind! Through self-propelled exploration, this guide will help you:
·      unlock heightened awareness about yourself and your situation.
·      achieve greater clarity about what you need to begin healing.
·      establish healthy boundaries within yourself and family.
Are you ready for the next 30 days to represent your journey to healing and wholeness?
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About the Book

About the Author

Rebekah is an author, advocate, devoted mentor, and consultant who has worked with news sources including BBC, NBC, ABC, along with a variety of other platforms such as podcasts and film projects. She holds undergraduate and advanced degrees in urban ministry, family crisis, counseling, and religious education. She is a Certified Professional Life Coach.
For over two decades, Rebekah has held a global presence as she devoted her efforts to support various nonprofits and other organizations. Her background includes educational, mental health and coaching content development; international relations; and public speaking.
You can connect with Rebekah through her website: RebekahDrumsta.com
Genre: Inspirational
Publisher: Clay Bridges
Publication Year: 2021
ASIN: 1953300898
ISBN: 9781953300898
List Price: 14.99
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